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Matachica’s menu is reimagined with the Michelin touch

Matachica’s Mambo restaurant has received a menu makeover, and with the changes, a new, casual Mambo Bistro unveiled. At the helm of the exciting changes are two skilled chefs who worked together under the inimitable seven-Michelin-starred Thomas Keller.

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Pop & Sip is here to jump start your day!

Tati’s Cold Brew from Pop & Sip is a tasty new product that has hit the market in Belize. Two wonderful women are behind this proud Belizean product, and we had to find out more about their venture. Learn why Tati, and what drives Dora and Monica to ensure that your iced coffee expectations are met deliciously!

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Play castaway on a Sandbar!

For an intimate getaway that provides all the island basics: sand, sun, sea, and now with new protocols: social distancing – try a Sandbar adventure!

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Puffy Fry Jacks – they are a thing!

“You had me at Fry Jack”
We had no idea a puffy Fry Jack was so essential, until so many chimed in asking for a recipe guaranteeing the ‘puff’. We think we have a winner with this one!

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She wears her heart on her sleeve

My Maya heritage is full of intricate details (just look at our archaeological sites!) and rich folklore that could be converted into skin art. So, I did it. My artist, Wimpas Sosa of Belizean Ink Tattoo Shop, is a phenomenally talented artist who can take a stick figure attempt at an idea, and find a way to bring one’s dream into reality.

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Handmade shopping bags are a great alternative to single-use plastic ones

Even if it’s just switching from plastic shopping bags to cloth or canvas, it’s a step in the right direction. It becomes the easiest thing if you have something fun and sturdy, but foldable and ready to toss in your general use purse or backpack. Pull it out when your groceries start adding up at the counter, and you eliminate the need for a plastic bag.

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Dine Artfully at Casa Picasso

Date night? Special celebratory dinner? A chill session with your girls (or dudes)? With their extensive wine list, delicious martinis and specially prepared cocktails and an eclectic menu, Casa Picasso hits the spot.

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Colors and Culture: Corozal’s Graffiti Fest

It didn’t matter that the sun was beating down along Miami Beach in the Corozal Bay. People were out and about, and all along a stretch of concrete walls, the sound of spraying, the smell of paint and the sight of colors came together.

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