During the downtime that lockdown has put us in, there has been a chance to really look within our country and SEE her people and their talent. So many have taken the spotlight – from deejays spinning mixes, to singers acapella-ing on video, comedians, jewelry makers, specialty cooks, and artists. Now the word artist can encompass a variety of mediums, and what we speak of in this article is the painters.

We’ve been particularly amazed by the young artists who have been sharing their work online. To say they are a ‘budding’ artist is almost an insult; their work is that of immense talent. It is almost as if they have been painting for years as professionals. So, imagine when we are introduced to some of these artists and learn they’ve only just started! Thanks to the Department of Youth Services, we have two wonderful young women to introduce to you!

Dahlee Tyrell

The Art Studio of the Department of Youth Services (DYS) offers art skill training, and two years ago, a young Dahlee Tyrell attended. A budding artist, she was quick to brush up on her skills and techniques under the guidance of Miss Fiona Hsu. Dahlee is primarily into watercolors, and she is inspired by the variety of landscapes that Belize offers. “Rainfall, breath-taking views and the exquisite background of a natural setting nurtured my passion to paint and draw the beauties of nature.”

Her pieces speak for themselves, and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Rosalinda Gonzales

Rosalinda Gonzales also heard about the DYS Art Studio and entered the program. Under the guidance of Fiona Hsu, she too quickly learned the techniques taught. She particularly loves watercolors and portraiture the most. Now Rosalinda paints, draws and makes artwork for her very lucky family and friends. May she continue to refine her talent and put all those classes to use, painting our beautiful Belize one canvas at a time!

The Belize Department of Youth Services is a youth-centered agency dedicated to the empowerment of our young people to participate meaningfully in the present and future development of Belize. Their numerous events and workshops give young Belizeans the opportunity to explore beyond the classroom, and hone skills and talent they may already have, or discover new ones. We applaud their work and look forward to more wonderful success stories!

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