With the arrival of Southwest Airlines to Belize (flying direct out of Hobby International in Houston, Texas, USA), there are more ways than ever to get to this Central American/Caribbean nation.
I think we’ve answered the “WHERE the hell is Belize?” question already, so now, we tell you WHY you should check out the 8,867 square mile beauty, nestled south of Mexico, east of Guatemala and north of Honduras. Her coastline faces the gorgeous and warm Caribbean Sea, and running down its entire length is the second largest barrier reef in the world.
As a visitor, you have all sorts of countries to check out in the world. Your choices are practically unlimited, so why should you consider Belize?


No theme parks

Disneyland, Sea world, Six Flags…etc…they all sound really fun and exciting. But you know what? We don’t have any of that.


We do have crazy cool REAL Maya temples – move over ‘temple of doom’!

Lubaantun Toledo Maya Archaelogy Site-10

We have hiking trails that lead you up peaks and valleys, often landing in the middle of a seemingly magical waterfall, surrounded by the twittering of birds, cascades of butterflies darting to and fro, free in nature, as it should be!

Toledo Travel Maya Waterfalls-18

Want to feel the rush of adrenaline in your veins? Zipline through our forest canopies, tube in the dark recesses of our caves, rappel down rushing waterfalls, hike at night while surrounded by the howls of monkeys, screeches of our nightlife, and possibly, just possibly, come close to the elusive jaguar…jump into crystal clear waters and surround yourself with turtles, sharks and sting rays, and even the big guys: the whale shark!

Bocawina Falls Stann Creek Belize 30 Chukka Tours Airboat and Crystal Cave-34 Chukka Tours Airboat and Crystal Cave-53 Belize Blue Hole Dive Turtle Shark-5

No Chain Restaurants

McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Applebee’s, etc…they have no place in Belize. What we do have is fresh, delicious Belizean delights! The ubiquitous Rice and Beans finds itself competing with our ceviche, fresh caught fish grilled right on the beach, chased down with our Belikin beer.

Ceviche Beer Marie Sharps-1Top your meals with some spice from Marie Sharp’s or any one of the house-made spicy accompaniments available.

Back Street Bustle- Angel Coral Street-9

Stop by the street stands at night, and you’ll find yourself salivating as you wait for a quick, yet handmade snack.

Street Treats Park Food-6


Sharks Food-2 Pirate's Treasure Chef's Table Belize Food-12 Breakfast FryJack Meat Pies Belize Food-3

Our food is king…you just have to try it!

No All-Inclusives


You can pick from a hostel on the beach, to individual cabañas, to three-bedroom condos in a planned development…but there are no all-inclusives.

Belize Resort Victoria House

And we’d like to keep it that way. Enjoy privacy, excellent services, fabulous views and relaxation on your terms. Go big…go low-key…go mid-priced – ultimately, you’ll have a wonderful, personalized time.

Best of all: Our People

Independence Jump Up Parade San Pedro Town-7

Friendly, smiling people of every race welcome you to our country. We’re a melting pot of cultures, and though our primary language is English, you will hear Kriol, Mayan, Garifuna, Spanish, Chinese and even Dutch! This is a place like no other.

Independence Jump Up Parade San Pedro Town-40
Scenes Around Belize-1 ©Gumercindo Mai

©Gumercindo Mai

Independence Jump Up Parade San Pedro Town-41

We’re fiercely proud of our jewel, and you’ll be amazed by our experts of the jungle, the birds, the plants and trees, the waters, the corals and our fish. We love a good time, and boy do we enjoy parties! Parades are a must – and every month, we find something to celebrate! Join us any time of the year, and see just how amazing Belize can be! See you soon…

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About the Author: Mary Gonzalez

Mary Gonzalez writes under the pseudonym 'Tia Chocolate'. Tia Chocolate enjoys writing short stories that focus on her life growing up in the small Maya village of San Antonio, Cayo District, Belize.
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