So there’s a buzz around town…Obando's Hot Panades-1

Everyone’s been talking about a little panades shop on San Pedro Town’s “back street.”  From what I hear it’s been frying and dishing out what islanders have been calling some of the best panades they’ve tasted. So ofcourse, being captive to my taste buds, you know I had to try!Obando's Hot Panades-2


When the munchies called the other night, I decided to take a little stroll around the corner to sample some of Obando’s Hot Panades! Obando's Hot Panades-4I gotta admit, the delicious smell that filled the air as I drew near reminded me of why I loved panades so much. Normally sold at either $0.25 to $0.50 for one, these babies were being sold at a dollar a pop! Obando's Hot Panades-9Why?! Well I was about to find out…We took our pick of fillings from chicken, fish, beans and an unusual filling- cheese. This I had to try!  I ordered up eight dollars worth, four dollars chicken and four dollars cheese. (Hey, I have a healthy appetite, and one needed to taste properly….for….research purposes!)Obando's Hot Panades-3


As I waited, people began to pour in at the little shop. It’s a good thing I got there early! In no time, the  order was ready.


Obando's Hot Panades-5

So I strolled back home to enjoy these babies in the convenience of my casa. Obando's Hot Panades-6And let me tell you these were not your averaged sized panades, these were significally larger and when paired with the spicy cabbage sauce, they were yummier with every bite. To my surprise the cheese ones were a total hit! But then again- why did this surprise me? I love cheese.Obando's Hot Panades-7


When you get a chance, be sure to find out for yourself what the talk is about! Obando sure knows his stuff!Obando's Hot Panades-8

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