San Pedro may be known for many wondrous assets such as the reef and white sand beaches, but for the younger generations that reside here it’s all about the late night activities. Clubbing, like many of my fellow counter parts is one of my favorite naughty habits. After a long night of dancing and sharing a couple cocktails with friends you may become a victim of the “late night munchies”. You may ask yourself “where can food be gotten in the wee hours of the morning?”

Well let me tell you that is no problem here in the island. Perfectly located in the vicinity of the two hottest clubs of Ambergris Caye, Central Park offer great late night treats to all party lovers. Several vendors set up stalls at the twilight and sell food until about sunset. The variety of food encompasses everything from hotdogs to the Belizean favorite rice and beans. After a night of sinful alcohol consumption you may choose to experiment with your food a little, how about trying a Special Burger? The Special Burger is not your ordinary restaurant burger. A hot dog sausage, bacon, grilled chicken breast, cheese and a burger patty are stuffed between toasty burger buns, let’s not forget the veggies are also there. No calorie counting here! The delicious concoction can kick any taste bud into over drive. As for who created this island treat no one knows, but who cares when it taste so good.

If you’re looking for something a little more lean (if that’s even possible), try the late night version of a taco. Two semi fried corn tortillas topped with your choice of sautéed beef or grilled chicken and pico de gallo sauce. Best eaten right off the grill! Or maybe you’re interested in having a burrito. Does sautéed beef or grilled chicken with pico de gallo, cheese and beans all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla, sound tempting?

Whatever your choice is, rest assured it will be a great tasting experience. For all those party loving fellas out there, if you’re in San Pedro and go out clubbing or bar hopping satisfy those late night munchies with San Pedro’s infamous park food at the end of your night.

“The San Pedro Sun had the opportunity to host photojournalism student Josh Jones (AKA Josha Lee Green) as part of a pilot program by the University of North Georgia that will see future journalism students experience study abroad programs in collaboration with media houses in Belize. While with The San Pedro Sun, Jones captured several images as stock photographs that we will be using in our publications both in print and online.”

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