Usually, after a heavy breakfast that’s been enjoyed closer to lunchtime than at sunrise, vacationers seek something light to enjoy in the early afternoon hours. This is where ceviche comes into play. Made with fresh conch (seasonal), shrimp, lobster (seasonal: June 15th – February 14th) or octopus, or a combination of all, ceviches give you a wonderful seafood experience without the heavy saucing or buttering. Instead, bite-sized pieces of seafood are marinated in fresh lime juice, accompanied by diced fresh vegetables like tomatoes, onions, a little cucumber for added crunch, cilantro and if desired, finely chopped carrots. This mixture is seasoned with salt and pepper (no heavy seasoning), and served with crispy tortilla chips and some sliced habanero on the side for a bit of heat. Honestly, my mouth’s watering just typing this. Everyone has their own way of making this seafood delight, but the basics are good enough to combine and enjoy as a snack, as a meal, all day, every day. Tons of places offer this dish, and for a truly spectacular experience, Victoria House can’t be beat. Fabulous ambiance and a yummy snack? What are you waiting for?


When June 15th arrives of lobster season, we can’t deny the siren call of Casa Picasso’s gorgeous lobster sliders! We all have things that we look forward to throughout the year. One such occasion that has me salivating in anticipation each year is the opening of lobster season. From grilled, stewed, stirred, baked, broiled, fried, drowned in butter, stewed in coconut milk, flambéed every which way, lobster is a thorough delight. It seems not so long ago they were being picked up from the beaches and flung back in the ocean. Now they’re a delicacy best enjoyed fresh and within season. Regardless of how this tasty crustacean is prepared, on the opening eve of lobster season I will be waiting on the doorstep at Casa Picasso for LOBSTER SLIDERS!


These ridiculously delicious bite-sized gifts from the sea god Neptune himself are a confirmation that indeed life is worth living. Call me crazy…..tell me I need to “get a life”…but these melt-in-your mouth Caribbean mini-sandwiches of tender, sweet lobster morsels served on a soft bun toasted to buttery heaven are a solid 10 on the yum meter. Poached in sweet butter, the lobster meat is tenderized to richness not typical for Caribbean lobster. Add to that a sweeter style toasted bun and voila, bite sized lobster heaven!!!

Blue Water Grill Sushi-3

And if you just have to try something familiar but seafood-based, Blue Water Grill offers sushi on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Chef Chris Aycock has taken the basics in the kitchen, and added flavor and fresh ingredients to create some truly amazing rolls that take your taste buds to another level. Want the good stuff? BWG is where it’s at!!
So seafood lovers, unite and rejoice in the fact that Ambergris Caye is a haven for all those delicious treats from the sea!!

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