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Where do our Lobster Fishermen go during Closed Season?

Every February 15th, I get to wondering what lobster fishermen get up to during the closed season. From June 15th to February 14th, they have been working their traps and heading out to check on their catch, cleaning and selling them for our consumption and for export.

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Reel fun fishing in Belize…so many ways!

“Gone fishing,” is a phrase often heard across Belize. Who can blame us when the beautiful and bountiful Caribbean Sea is at our doorsteps?! Whether you are looking to catch the big one for dinner or want to have some fun out at sea, fishing in Belize is a must.

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Leave nothing but memories behind

Our commitment to protecting these environmentally sensitive areas that are home to unique and even endangered flora and fauna above and below our Caribbean Sea runs deep, and we are proud to share the beauty of Belize with the thousands of visitors who grace our country each year.

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Breakfast Time for the Snowy Egret!

#breakfast on the #beach! This #egret was enjoying a morning treat right on our shores! #laislabonita #sanpedro #ambergriscaye #birding #birdwatchers #caribbeancritters #snowyegret A photo posted…

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Fish for Sunday Dinner

You never know what you’ll come across when walking down the beach in San Pedro Town. I decided to play hooky from the office, and…

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The fish was HOW big?

Guests on Ambergris Caye rarely have to exaggerate about how big the fish was when bragging about their catch when fishing our clear Caribbean waters….

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Fishing like a San Pedrano

As an island rooted in tradition and developed around the bounty of the Caribbean Sea, it is no surprise that fishing is still a major…

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