As an island rooted in tradition and developed around the bounty of the Caribbean Sea, it is no surprise that fishing is still a major part of Ambergris Caye. Yes, it may have begun as a coconut plantation, but fishing made the island profitable through the years. San Pedro has grown from a small fishing village to the prime tourism destination in Belize, but the past has stayed alive and the love for fishing has never been lost.
Fishing in San Pedro-7Older San Pedranos may say “You are not a true San Pedrano if you don’t know how to fish!” And truly, it would be a sin not to try! When the bountiful Caribbean Sea is right at your doorstep, fishing ought to be a fun hobby. Worldwide, fishing is a sport whereupon fishermen spare no expense in purchasing the best gear, tackle and even vessels, even travelling far and wide, chasing the big one!
Here in San Pedro Town, it is more a simple recreational activity enjoyed by all ages.When you have a conversation with any of the older San Pedranos about fishing, they will tell you that fishing is an art that can only be mastered through time, there is no need for expensive rods and hooks. Having tried my hand at it, I believe them! Fishing is not easy, but it sure is fun! Good thing that in San Pedro, children get an early start. We’re talking from the diaper stage!Fishing in San Pedro-8
Just take a walk on the beach; do you see the clusters of young kids fishing off a dock? Sometimes, you’ll catch them paddling out in their canoes or kayaks with fishing lines on hand. They artfully tie their hooks to the fishing line, ensuring that the hook will not get untied if a fish latches on to it. They then attach the bait on the hook, usually a piece of sardine (yuck!). Once all necessary preparations are made to ensure they catch the big one, the young fishermen cast their lines with all their strength. Fishing is not only about skills but also about patience. And these children certainly have patience, slowly reeling in their line and throwing it back out again several times until the fish bites. At the first nibble the young fisherman’s smile turn to a full-fledged grin as he quickly reels in his catch. As the fish splashes to the surface, size and species does not matter to the young. It is all about accomplishing what generations before him have done so many times.
Fishing in San Pedro-5But it’s not all about the lines and hooks. From spearing to traps to nets and even lobster fishing it’s all about the passion and the joy that it brings the fisherman. No matter what your age or skill level is, fishing is an activity you can do! Give it a try next time you are out at sea; cast that line and pull in the “big one”.

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