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Delicacies of Dia de San Pedro celebrated at Elvi’s Kitchen

Usually celebrated at the end of June, Dia de San Pedro is a vibrant celebration that takes residents and locals back to the humble beginnings of La Isla Bonita. The annual festivity honoring Saint Peter (San Pedro’s fishermen’s patron) is full of culture, entertainment, and fantastic gastronomy. This year, the iconic Elvi’s Kitchen Restaurant further revived the traditional fiesta with a menu featuring some of the most traditional dishes associated with the old San Pedro.

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BTB’s Restaurant of the Year Elvi’s Kitchen showcases new menu dishes

Awarded the Belize Tourism Board Restaurant of the Year 2022, the iconic Elvi’s Kitchen recently reopened after a month of renovations with a fresh façade and new tasty surprises on its menu. From artisan liqueur and cocktails to delightful seafood, traditional Maya/Mestizo dishes, and new vegan dishes, the Elvi’s Kitchen experience never disappoints!

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The Return of the Conch!

My fellow lovers of the strombos gigas the time we all yearn for is here again! Today marks open season on our favorite mollusk, the…

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