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Shop Authentically Belizean products at 12 Belize

Belize’s diversity is reflected daily in its people. The way they live and the things they create, our country is brimming with talent and resources. 12 Belize celebrates that talent by selling authentically made-in-Belize products. Every product is uniquely Belizean, from lotions and creams to toys, jewelry, and accessories.

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Handmade shopping bags are a great alternative to single-use plastic ones

Even if it’s just switching from plastic shopping bags to cloth or canvas, it’s a step in the right direction. It becomes the easiest thing if you have something fun and sturdy, but foldable and ready to toss in your general use purse or backpack. Pull it out when your groceries start adding up at the counter, and you eliminate the need for a plastic bag.

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A February of Love and Celebration!

We have officially kissed the New Year goodbye and are now embracing 2020’s exciting happenings. February has much to offer, not only is it the month of love but also signals the arrival of El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro!

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