Belize’s diversity is reflected daily in its people. The way they live and the things they create, our country is brimming with talent and resources. 12 Belize celebrates that talent by selling authentically made-in-Belize products. Every product is uniquely Belizean, from lotions and creams to toys, jewelry, and accessories.

Among their unique products, one stands out the most: their handmade authentic leather handbags and purses. The perfect accessory for any woman, the bags at 12 Belize are timeless and one of a kind, made with locally sourced top-grade leather and carefully crafted for that bold final look. Designed to accommodate a woman’s everyday life, 12 Belize’s handbags and purses are stylish yet sensible and come in various designs and sizes, from hand-held clutches to large totes. You won’t see the same design anywhere else, as Lara, the owner of 12 Belize, creates only a few of each design.

A cultural spin to the Barbie trend!

After 64 years, Barbie is still taking the world by storm. With the release of the latest Barbie movie, modern society has redefined what the iconic doll means to everyone. From the classic Barbie to the more body-inclusive Barbie, we have all imaged having a Barbie that looks like us.

And what is more inclusive than a cultural Barbie modeling clothing from the vibrant Garifuna culture? Created by Punta Gorda native Emily Ramires, these beautiful and colorful Barbie outfits are styled after the traditional garments of the Garinagu women. The cute but culturally significant Barbie clothes are a perfect gift for any young girl or an avid Barbie collector. The line is part of Emily’s “The Isieni Project,” where she aims to bring the Garifuna experience to the broader public through handmade dolls and storybooks. A variety of her products can be found at 12 Belize.

When you buy locally made products, you support small businesses that rely on your purchases to thrive and provide unique products.

Check out 12 Belize’s entire catalog of products by visiting their storefront located at the Bridge House in the Boca del Rio Area, open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 10AM to 1PM, or visit their website

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