Blessed in location, Belize’s tropical climate and fertile lands allow for a bountiful array of fruits and vegetables to thrive. There is never a shortage of locally grown fresh fruits at a market near you, from bananas to the more exotic Dragon Fruit. While some fruits are seasonal, like mangos and plums, others grow year-round. So how do you enjoy your daily serving of fruits?


Sweet? The most common taste associated with fruit is the sweetness a ripe fruit comes with, giving that sense of enjoyment. From the classic banana to a refreshing slice of watermelon, fruit makes the perfect finish to a hearty breakfast or even an afternoon snack. Who needs candy when fruits are just naturally sweet!

Breakfast fruit platter

Maybe you are more into tart and sour fruit (like me). I have always enjoyed a serving of sour with a side of chili salt and a squeeze of lime. Belize’s top sour fruits include green mangos, plums, and even kenep!

Sweet… sweet mangos

There is another way to enjoy fruits in Belize, candied! For generations, our people have masterfully prepared a selection of cooked fruit snacks that are the essence of Belize’s different cultures. Stewed plums or berries in molasses, tambram cooked and rolled in sugar, and crabboo boiled in milk are just a few forms of candied fruit in Belize.

Stewed Plum

But fruits are not just for eating; they also make a good base for drinks too! Fresh fruit smoothies make for a refreshing and healthy treat. We even locally ferment fruit wines out of cashews, blackberries, and pineapple. Bartenders across the country have also incorporated locally grown fruit into cocktails and infusions. My favorites are dragon fruit margaritas, sour sap daiquiris, or of course our island favorite, coconut rum with pineapple juice (AKA Panty Rippa) … Yum!

Dragon Fruit Margarita!

For us Belizeans, fruit is more than just part of our cuisine; it also signifies our agriculture industry’s importance. Farming the soils of our land has long been the livelihood of Belizeans, providing economic stability. So, when visiting, be sure to enjoy some local fruits and enjoy a refreshing taste of Belize!

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