When I think about river rafting images of kayaks, canoes and even paddle boats come to mind. A raft made of only bamboo is not exactly what I have in mind. Yes, I am aware that bamboo rafts are a common means of transportation for some cultures, but not necessarily in Belize. However after trying it, I can declared bamboo river rafting a must do while in Belize!

When island girls hit the jungle!

Where can you do this you may ask? Well at the Rainforest Adventure Zone (RAZ) located at mile 16.5 on the Philip Goldson Highway in the Belize District.
At first, I was a bit anxious, as it was my first time being on a water vessel where my feet could touch the water while afloat. Nevertheless, it’s adventure I seek so brig it on!
The bamboo river rafting tour involves taking a scenic hike or tractor ride though RAZ’s grounds to the bank of the New River. Along the route to the river bank we spot a variety of wildlife and native plants in semi-deciduous forests found across the northern areas of Belize. During the, you guide will also show how fish ad bird traps can be made with items found in the forest. It’s worth the extra time walking to get an insight into the lives of hunters in Belize.

Once at the river bank we strap on our life jackets hop on the raft. They are pretty stable, with seats attached for a more comfortable ride. You are likely to get your feet wet, so wear something appropriate for the water.

River Rafting we go!

Once properly seated, the raft heads downriver, its guests enjoy the spectacular views that the Belize River provides. On our trip, I spotted a variety of water birds, iguanas and even a howler monkey up in the riverbank’s canopy! What we didn’t see is a crocodile, even though our tour guide says they are a common sight. I was a little more than relieved to be honest!

The tour lasts around 45 to 60 minutes, enough time to enjoy the views and relax.
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