At the end of a dock, there is a thatched structure overlooking some of the bluest water imaginable. Under the shade, a group of people transition from one position to the other, the soothing sound of their instructor’s voice leading them. The objective? To center themselves…to relax…meditate…reflect…or simply get their daily stretch on.
This is yoga at Ak’Bol. It is the quintessential Caribbean experience: lapping waves, blowing breeze, the scent of salt air at each inhale. Even Maya the dog has her moves down pat!
Open since 2008, Ak’bol Yoga Retreat has been offering yoga classes to visitors and residents alike. Owner Kirsten Miglio leads the classes; her students following her guidance and gentle teaching methods. She accommodates beginners through advanced yoga practitioners, happy to share the joy and adventure of yoga.
Yes, yoga is an adventure! There are so many styles and variations! Having tried yoga myself, I can attest to how HARD it can be to slow down and breathe deeply. Sure, we live on an island, and enjoy sunny skies, lovely sea breeze, warm Caribbean waters, but we also work, and in my case, there is always a deadline. The first time I had to slow down during yoga, I realized just how shallow my breathing is. Learning to drag those breaths were possibly the most difficult part of the class…so don’t let those complex asanas (postures) fool you…when you’re having to breathe deep and exhale slow…suddenly, the downward dog…the head/handstand seem a breeze! But constant practice and listening to a nurturing teacher like Kirsten can help!
AkBol is pleased to invite drop-ins, and if you ever find your way 1¾ miles north of the bridge, take the beach route and try a class! And to really get into the game, check out their retreats! Week-long retreats bring visitors from around the world to practice their yoga, explore and become one with Ambergris Caye. These visitors are happy to share their wisdom and yoga fun with drop-ins, who may just find a new passion. All ages and fitness levels are welcome to try any of the variety of classes offered during their retreat specials.
Upcoming retreats:
* 5th Annual Belize Yoga and Meditation Vacation with Kali Om, February 4-11, 2017
* A Yoga Retreat with Jill Sand Consulting, February 11-18, 2017
* Jivamukti Yogawood Retreat to Belize with Maiga, February 18-25, 2017
* YOGA IN PARADISE with Janine, February 25 – March 4, 2017
* Priya in Paradise: Belize Edition w/Ashley & Lisa March 4-11, 2017
* Centre Yoga Retreat to Belize March 11-18th 2017
* Breath, Body and Belize, March 18 -25, 2017

Even Maya the dog has her moves down pat!

These are just a few of the retreats coming up! Be sure to check out their website at to stay up to date with their plans. You can reach Ak’Bol via a short bike or golf-cart ride, and traveling by water taxi is also a great option – especially as you are dropped off directly at their pier. Contact them by phone: 226-2073 or 626-6296 or email them at [email protected]. Namaste!

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