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Topic: Garifuna Settlement Day

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Hudut, the flavor of the Garifuna Culture!

“Wаmúа, wаnісhіgu lubá ámuñеgü: óundаrunі hаmа nіburеіntіаn lun lаbаgаrіdu Gаrіfunа – Оur lаnd, оur сulturе, оur futurе: іnvоlvіng оur уоuth fоr Gаrіfunа ѕurvіvаl.” This is the powerful theme in which one of the most vibrant cultures will celebrate its 191st anniversary of arriving at the shores of Belize. Garifuna Settlement Day is celebrated annually on November 19th, a festival of drums and dancing honoring the Garinagu’s traditions and culture.

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Tasting my first Boil Up

I’ll be honest; when I wrote down my list of foods to try out, I legitimately was dreading the thought of Boil Up. Individually, each ground food is not my favorite. All-together, talk about overdose of least favorites. Then throw in fish? And dumplings (or boiled cake). Talk about nothing I would ever order for myself because of pre-conceived notions and experiences.

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Garifuna Settlement Day: Join the celebration

To the sounds of beating drums and festive dancing, we annually celebrate Garifuna Settlement Day on November 19th. A day set to honor the arrival of the Garifuna culture to our Belizeans shores in dugout canoes back in 1802, the holiday celebrates with much pride and revelry.

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