Dallas artist and owner of Mpulse Studio, Margaret Hulse, has been working from her Boca del Rio studio in Ambergris Caye for the past year, using her art to support the community through women’s advocacy projects, serving women who are healing from domestic violence through her Love Necklace Campaign and the Empower through Love Project. She has recently launched a collection of art titled, Nautical Bohemia.

Hulse is furthering her mission to support our community by painting on used catamaran sails from No Rush Tours, and using a combination of nautical themed imagery and bright, tropical flowers, to illustrate ideas of self-love and adventure, and the importance of loving ourselves during every aspect of our life’s journeys, even during the most trying times.

nautical bohemia“This art is a reminder that beauty exists, even in the darkest storms, and hope and faith will guide us through.” -Callie Eldridge, patron

Hulse coincidentally launched this collection right before San Pedro entered a State of Emergency, leaving many of us in traumatic and compromised situations, and she is offering a portion of proceeds from her work to support a COVID 19 meal program for those in need.

Prior to the State of Emergency, Hulse’s large-scale Belize Love Map was chosen to hang in the Belize Museum and House of Culture in the exhibit titled: Empower Her, a Women’s Empowerment Exhibit.

Mpulse Studio is a fine art studio with the mission to support women’s health, safety, and dignity. Using an array of mediums including: painting, literature, and jewelry design, artist/owner, Margaret Hulse continues to provide inspiration and strength to women who have endured traumatic events. Supporting communities in Texas, Louisiana, and Belize, Hulse strives to learn about the cultures and issues related to each community so she can best serve them. For more information, visit WWW.MPULSESTUDIO.COM.

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