The long Easter Weekend is a holiday we all eagerly await – four days to do as you wish. As an international holiday, Easter brings an influx of travellers to Belize searching for a relaxing getaway.
For the newer generations, Easter mostly means sun, beaches and parties. But that’s not all Easter has to offer. For Roman Catholics, it is the holiest of days, and in Belize where there are strong religious roots, many municipalities hold elaborate festivities to celebrate the religious aspect of the holiday. One such destination is Benque Viejo Del Carmen Town in the Cayo District. Each year, residents of this town recreate Jesus’ journey to Mount Calvary where he was crucified. Held on the afternoon of Good Friday (Scheduled for Friday, April 14th this year) and titled “The Way of the Cross”, this event has grown into an elaborate show of Catholic faith. The town prides itself in making The Way of the Cross feel as authentic as possible. Hundreds of locals and visitors alike flock to Benque to witness this spectacle.
It’s not only Benque who hold such events, parishes for each municipality across Belize host smaller re-enactments of the Station of the Cross on Good Friday, as well as special mass ceremonies throughout the Easter weekend.
For those seeking different vibes, there are also plenty of Easter parties to attend! Coastal communities such as Placencia Peninsula, Hopkins Village, Caye Caulker Village and San Pedro Town always see the greatest number of visitors. Festivities take place along the length of the beaches and often run late into the night.
In San Pedro, the classic is the Holiday Hotel’s two-day beach party, complete with International Deejay and fun souvenirs. This year’s party is scheduled for Saturday, April 15th and Sunday, April 16th. All along the beach, there are beach volleyball games, a variety of musical acts and cold drinks. Take your time to explore the island!
Our Catholic Church, next to the park in town has a variety of activities taking place, so stop in if you seek religious respite as well.
Whatever your intentions are for this Easter, we say have fun, be safe and enjoy with family and friends.
Important Notice: Good Friday is a Dry Day for Belize. No alcoholic beverages are to be served/sold from Thursday at midnight to Friday at midnight.
San Pedro Roman Catholic Church Calendar of Events
Thursday, April 13th – 7AM Washing of the Feet/ Last Supper Mass, 8AM Transfer of the Holy Eucharist to Parish Hall, 10AM Adoration Vigil in the Parish Hall
Friday, April 14th – 4AM Stations of the Cross (Around Town), 12PM The Seven Last Words, 3PM Celebration of the Passion of the Lord, 5PM Procession (Across Town)
Saturday, April 15th – 7PM Easter Vigil Mass
Sunday, April 16th – 7AM Encuentro, 8AM Mass, 10AM Mass, 7PM Mass
Monday, April 17th – 7AM Mass

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