With the Caribbean Sea running along the eastern border of Belize, both residents and visitors can reasonably expect fresh seafood as part of her cuisine. Our home base on Ambergris Caye in particularly a prime example of this, with snapshot views of fishermen cleaning their catch onshore either early morning or at sunset. Idyllic, right?
Well, a campaign to ensure these views carry on to future generations has been put into place, hoping for seafood to remain viable in the years to come. ‘Fish Right, Eat Right’ is a brand that highlights establishments who source their seafood responsibly. It is a collaborative effort amongst fishers, retailers, restaurants and most importantly, the consumer.
How do YOU eat?
As we become more and more aware of the impact we are making on our planet, we begin to make better choices. That includes what we consume. This global trend of conscious consumerism goes beyond borders. Belize, like other parts of the world, is joining in the efforts.
The program’s goals and methods
Hoping to curb illegal fishing, while promoting better fishing practices, the program highlights those in compliance, both restaurants, and fishers. Preferential marketing and access to reliable markets ensure both entities can continue succeeding. Alternative seafood options are also identified so there is a reduction in pressure for over-exploited, threatened or endangered species.
Seasonal Fishing
Remember the following dates when visiting and craving seafood:
Queen Conch: October – June (closed July – September)
Spiny Lobster: June 15th – February 14th (Closed February 15th – June 14th)
Nassau Grouper: April – November (Closed December – March)
Fish Fillets must have a patch of skin at least 1”x2” to show what species is being sold.
If you’re on a fishing trip with our local guides, as tempting as it is, do not encourage or demand out-of-season seafood. Be aware of what you consume. As much as we crave those tasty morsels, a little sacrifice goes a long way towards ensuring a viable seafood supply for years to come. Businesses that are part of this responsible campaign also proudly display their Fish Right, Eat Right sticker at their establishment. To learn more about this program, go to www.fishrighteatright.com.

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