Let us help you count the ways to spend your days on Ambergris Caye! From underwater adventure swimming with turtles to late night dancing under the stars to sailing the crystal blue Caribbean Sea to spotting the glowing eyes of crocodiles in the night, you will be hard pressed to be bored on La Isla. Of course lazy days on the beach are in order too, perhaps on a Sunday while enjoying live music and a friendly game of horseshoes? Whatever your idea of fun (or relaxation) may be, rest assured we have you covered! 


Marco Gonzalez Archaeological Site

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You may find it hard to imagine that thousands of years ago the island of Ambergris Caye served as a trading post for the Maya. Locals have known about the concealed Marco Gonzalez Maya site located at the southern end of the island for many years, but with the ruins tucked deep within forbidding dense jungle only grave robbers braved the biting insects, slithery creatures and fierce flora to unearth and make off with invaluable artifacts.


Now, thanks to the efforts of the Marco Gonzalez Board of Directors and the Belize Archaeological Department this hidden treasure is slowly seeing the light of day. With excited teams of archaeologist and their students unearthing a history 2,000 years old we now have the rare opportunity to explore the only island archaeological reserve in Belize. The elevated boardwalk and cleared areas allow passage to the sites where you learn about the amazing ways the Maya traveled, traded and lived on Ambergris Caye. The guided tour includes exploring the various excavated sites while you discover pottery shards and artifacts. Within the forest live exotic birds, iguanas and other harmless creatures that add to the outdoor experience.

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For more information please visit their website at www.marcogonzalezmayasite.com or to arrange a tour please call Jan Brown at 226-2059 or 662-2725. Admission fees apply.

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