Two prominent Belizean professionals in the tourism industry, Karen Pike and Ian Anderson, will travel to Taiwan to represent and promote Belize in the upcoming “2016 Taipei International Tourism Expo” from May 20-23, 2016. Taipei International Tourism Expo is one of biggest tourism expos in Asia, and the biggest tourism expo in Taiwan. With close to a million attendees, the exposure Belize will get from this event is monumental.  Taiwan Tourism Expo

About the Representatives:Karen Pike

*Karen has been the Director of Marketing and Industry Relations at the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) since December of 2014. She manages and oversees the operations of five units – Travel Trade, Hospitality, Marketing Intelligence, Digital Marketing and Marketing & PR.  The Belize Tourism Board is a strategic partner in marketing the Belize tourism product, developing tourism initiatives and programs, and implementing tourism policies, to address the changing needs of visitors and stakeholders, therefore her role is extremely important to the BTB. 

Karen holds an MBA where she focused on management. She also completed a Certification course in Tourism Management from the University of the West Indies, Belize Campus.  She is currently working on a Certification in Marketing Strategy from Cornell University.

Karen is attending the Taipei International Tourism Expo 2016 to share information on her beautiful country and encourage all whom she meets to visit Belize.  She believes in the Belize product offering which provides Sun & Beach, Adventure, Nautical, Leisure & Entertainment, Culture and Nature-based activities for all to enjoy.Ian Anderson

*Ian, his wife Ella and son Gabe landed on the shore of Belize in 1992, from their native home in Vancouver, Canada. Ian’s desire was to fill his life with adventure, and for 24 years, Ian has been living that life of adventure in Belize.

Initially starting as a small camping ground with no electricity, no communications and no running water, Caves Branch Jungle Lodge nowadays boasts 5 totally different designs of rooms from the basic jungle cabana up to their 5 star, 1200 sq ft Canopy Tree Houses, perched above the Jungle Canopy hundreds of feet above the caves branch river and overlooking the valley below.

Headed by Ella, Caves Branch is also known for being one of the top scientific Botanical gardens in the world. Ella boasts of her record setting orchid which in March 2016, had 12,349 flowers blooming at the same time. But what Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is most known for is the “ADVENTURE.”  It has been declared by several travel writers as one of the top 10 Adventure Lodges in the world.

The Anderson Family along with over 120 dedicated staff look forward to introducing their Caves Branch Adventure Company and Jungle Lodge and the best Belize can offer to the wonderful travelers of Taiwan.



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