A quick walk-through or bike ride down the alley by the local primary school gives you quite the eyeful. I’m not talking about the graffiti on the walls, although the sight I’m hinting at is a welcome one after reading some of the ‘artwork’ on those cement walls.

Breaking through to hit the very (southern) beginning of Barrier Reef Drive often gives you an eyeful. Docked boats, sunshine bright on the water, and sometimes, just a flat horizon. Or foamy white crests showing you where the reef is…these views are great from wherever you catch them, and for me, it starts the morning just right!

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Mary Gonzalez writes under the pseudonym 'Tia Chocolate'. Tia Chocolate enjoys writing short stories that focus on her life growing up in the small Maya village of San Antonio, Cayo District, Belize.
Tia loves (and we mean LOVE) eating and writing about her food experiences, often times trying out new recipes to try and recreate the foods of her memories. She also loves to travel, indulging in the culture wherever she is privy to visit.
She is slave to a giant cat named Kitty Boo Boo, and her cooking exploits are enjoyed by her significant other, Pookie.

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