Like many other vacation destinations, Belize has a “high” traveling season and what is considered a “slow” travel season. Typically, November through June are the most popular times to vacation in Belize; however, visiting during the off-season can also offer many benefits. July to October is the Jewel’s summertime; for some, this is the perfect time to see many of our tropical destinations.
During these months, you can enjoy fewer crowds, lower prices, and more availability regarding tours and accommodations.
One of the biggest perks of vacationing in Belize at this time is saving money! Fewer people are traveling, and therefore more opportunities for you to save on vacation expenses. Flights have reduced fares, and many resorts and hotels offer discounts on accommodation packages. You’re also likely to get a better deal on tours and activities.
Belize has grown in popularity, with our annual number of visitors continuously increasing. Peak tourism season can mean congested airports, full resort occupancy, and long reservation lines at popular restaurants. The off-season assures smaller crowds. While this sometimes translates to fewer attractions/restaurants that are open, it also means fewer tourists and groups. Travel in the slow season means a more laid-back vacation ambiance.
While Belize offers picturesque landscapes all year round, something about our summer months makes the country even more beautiful. Summer is picture-perfect, with longer days, brighter nights, and blooming flora, offering an excellent opportunity for unique photos filled with vibrant colors.
Another perk of traveling during the slow season is that you are more likely to enjoy Belize’s local lifestyle and culture. Summer is when the Belizeans have time to play, and if you are a traveler that wants to engage with the locals, you’ll find everyone more relaxed and ready for a good time. There are also plenty of regional activities and events during these times, like concerts, traditional festivals, and celebrations. During the slow season, you can vacation like a local! Like many tropical destinations, traveling during summer is hurricane season from June 1st to November 30th, and visitors should consider weather forecasts. Always have an emergency plan when vacationing and be mindful of the weather alerts issued. Fortunately, there is plenty of warning when inclement weather is approaching, allowing ample time to prepare or depart the country.
While we always welcome visitors to Belize, traveling here during the slow months means a lot to the industry when tourism businesses struggle. It’s a win-win for all; the tourist enjoys lower rates and helps alleviate the seasonal imbalance. So, pack your bags and prepare yourself for an UnBelizeable vacation!

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