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Human Resources, Capacity-building, and Research Can Ensure Sustainable Forests in Belize

Belize has amazing examples of sustainable forest practices. Some recent successful forest management initiatives have occurred within the Maya Forest Corridor (MFC). A combination of human resources, capacity-building, and research is used as a step forward to achieve sustainability in this landscape. For example, science researchers and biologists from several organizations have monitored jaguars in the MFC using cameras and collaborated with students from universities in the United Kingdom and our very own University of Belize.

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Connecting Landscapes across the Belize Wildlife Corridor

The most vulnerable part of the Belize Wildlife Corridor is where the Rio Bravo, Gallon Jug and Yalbac Area links with the Maya Mountains in the south. Known as the Central Belize Corridor, the territories converge at a 20-kilometer strip bisected by the busiest truck road in the country, the George Price Highway. This area represents the largest gap within the protected area.

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