We all dream of an island vacation, and there is no need to break the bank to get it. Even with limited resources, an adventure still awaits you in Belize. Here are some tried and tested tips to help you plan an affordable holiday on Ambergris Caye.

Share accommodation expenses with friends.

There is no need to stay at a fancy resort; try inexpensive hotels, hostels, or short-term rentals. Additionally, sharing a room with a travel buddy will divide the costs. Shared accommodations also offer the opportunity to meet people who might be keen to explore with you.

Try affordable transportation options.

It may take you a bit longer to get from point A to point B, but it will save you a pretty penny. Instead of hopping on a 15-minute flight from the mainland to San Pedro Town, catch the water taxi; it will be a scenic ride and the most affordable way to get to the island. Once on the island, renting a golf cart is unnecessary; try biking instead or an occasional cab ride when necessary. Depending on your location, walking is an option too.

Eat Local

Dining out can quickly exhaust your traveling funds. Instead, eat where the locals eat! Belize is a melting pot of cultures, which shows in its food. Street food is not fast food; it is your best way to get authentic Belizean cuisine. From Johhny cakes stuffed with beans, ham, and cheese for breakfast to hearty plates of rice and beans with stew chicken, these meals won’t cost more than a few dollars. Ask for recommendations of the best local eateries from local people, such as your bartenders.

Go on group tours

A trip to San Pedro is incomplete without a snorkeling trip to the barrier reef. While chartering a private tour will cost you hundreds of dollars, other options exist. Many tour companies offer group trips for a more affordable per-person cost. We recommend contacting the local tour companies in person to secure the best deal.

Enjoy like the locals

You don’t have to spend much to have fun in Ambergris Caye. The gorgeous Caribbean Sea is free; you can enjoy it anytime. Go swimming off a dock or just lounge by the beach with a good book. Enjoy drinks during happy hours; almost every bar has one. Take part in local events and celebrations, and you will be immersed in local customs and traditions that are truly priceless. Engaging with locals offers a unique insight into our way of life and provides opportunities to form meaningful connections and lifelong memories.

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