On October 9, 2021, I married my partner of ten years in a backyard ceremony in mainland Belize. With family and friends present, it was a magical moment I will treasure forever.

Over the years, Belize has become a popular destination for weddings. Whether on the beach, in the jungle, or at an ancient Maya temple, tying the knot in an exotic Caribbean paradise makes your special day more enchanted.
But, as anyone planning a wedding knows, research is vital, and getting married in a different country requires a little more work.

What to know before getting hitched in Belize?

Weddings in Belize are recognized and legal in most parts of the world. A marriage license at the cost of $100 USD must be obtained before the ceremony, and the couple must be in the country at least three days before applying for the marriage license. However, it is possible to receive a Special License up to the day before the ceremony for $250 USD. Ensure you have all your original legal documents, such as your passport and birth certificate. If previously married, have your divorce or spouse’s death certificates on hand to prove you are eligible for remarriage. You will also need a Senior Justice of the Peace and two witnesses. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the application process; wedding planners usually assist with this process so you can relax and prepare for your big day.
With all the procedures in place, all that is left is to get married! In Belize, either a Senior Justice of the Peace who has the authority to carry out wedding ceremonies or a priest, pastor, or minister of a registered church can perform a marriage. After the ceremony, the marriage will be registered at the Belize Registry Department, and you will receive your legally binding Marriage Certificate.
With year-round perfect weather, Belize is a dream wedding destination for many. With the resources to cater to every couple’s style and budget, each wedding in Belize is unique. Do you need your wedding to be 100% planned for you? Belize has many experienced wedding planners who can deal with every detail from officiant to photographer, flowers, food, drinks, location, transport, hair, makeup, and all the fun stuff for the party.
Belize is a magical place to make your dream wedding come true. Pick your location, make the trip, and say, “I Do!

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