Since its discovery as a haven for visitors from far and wide, Ambergris Caye has attracted visitors who travel year after year to her shores. And warmly welcoming them from the very beginning was Celi McCorkle. Known as the godmother of tourism for the island, McCorkle has been running the historic Holiday Hotel in the center of town. It seems that the desire to make a mark and add to the rich tourism fabric didn’t go far, as following her footsteps is daughter Lisa McCorkle Guerrero. At the helm of the fabulous Diamante Beach Home development, Lisa has been bringing to life a project that started as most do: a dream.

Diamante Beach Development McCorkle-1

Coffee with a view – imagine the ‘view’ being this!

About Diamante:
Sitting on land owned by the family for over 35 years, Diamante can be called a true Sanpedrano development. Envisioned by Lisa’s late husband, and being fulfilled by Lisa, Diamante is a unique project that will see sound structural engineering, attention to every detail down to the finishes with fine Belizean artistry throughout. From the beginning, Lisa has aimed for quality, sound structure and impeccable finishes that will inspire confidence in buyers. On-site engineer Jorge Barrios has been a major part of the design team, working to ensure that the buildings are built to fit every safety standard from the required to the unforeseen (earthquakes, et al). The historic works of Graniel’s Dreamland/Construction will be in charge of the gorgeous wood finishes throughout.

Diamante Beach Development McCorkle-6

Sales Director Kristian walks us to the top floor where stunning views await us…

What you get:

High quality, structurally sound units with high-end finishes that simply require you to turn the key and step inside. A sales manager Kristian Guerrero (who is both passionate and blessed with the gift of gab) explains, a client’s choice of finishes ranges from Beautiful 1, Beautiful 2, Beautiful 3. There is no budget, mid-priced to luxury range. Lisa has envisioned units filled with beautiful, well-made items that are timeless, and so the price one pays for a unit covers it all.

Diamante Interior Shots ©Steve Jacobson-1

A sampling of the interior finishes to expect in each suite once the units are completed.

Being so personally and passionately involved in this development comes from Lisa’s years of experience. She has shown an impressive attention to excellence in the planning, design and construction of the projects in her extensive portfolio, one of which was the Oasis Del Caribe Villas. Completed in 1997, Oasis was Ms. Guerrero’s first development, and it still stands as a testament to the outstanding craftsmanship evident in all her other properties. Her eye for detail and penchant for beautiful, well-made, well-designed spaces is reflected in many residential and commercial buildings in Belize that have been built, owned, operated and/or managed by Ms. Guerrero. In fact, take a look at the Holiday Hotel’s Caprice Bar & Grill’s recent revamp. She’s managed to take a beachside restaurant/bar and raised the level of coziness, whilst adding a touch of luxury to the long-standing establishment.

Diamante Interior Shots ©Steve Jacobson-2

Lisa’s talent for decor is apparent in every room.

Diamante is heralded to be a true jewel in the center of town, and a crowning achievement for Guerrero and her team. A quick visit to the site showed us some of the most breathtaking views that will be available to the luckiest of buyers! From the beachfront just a few yards away, to the multiple hues of the Caribbean that extend to our treasured Barrier Reef, and sweeping down to the coconut trees and piers down south as far as the eye can see, owners will be able to enjoy the sight of the number 1 island in the world every waking moment.

Diamante Beach Development McCorkle-9

Step outside and look as far south of town!

To learn more about this gorgeous project, visit or contact the main office at 226-3500. For a tour, Kristian is the man! Call 602-3175 or email him at [email protected].

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