We all dream of finding our better half to share the rest of our lives with. Once we have found Mr. or Ms. Right, we cement that love by tying the knot. What can make your extra special day better than getting hitched in Belize?Conch Creative-2
Why Get Hitched Here: Belize offers an incredibly diverse choice of wedding locations: from hidden waterfalls in the jungle to serene sandy beaches and even ancient Maya sites.

There is always the dream location for every bride. Our melting pot of cultures is certain to give your destination wedding a unique feel like no other. Belize has the resources to cater to every couple’s style and budget. You won’t ‘Belize’ how amazing your wedding can be!Leonardo Melendez-1
When to Wed: Anytime – year-round, temperatures are in the 80s during the day. With only two seasons, your chances of perfect wedding weather are pretty much guaranteed! If you’re watching your budget, plan on tying the knot during the slower tourism months, which is between June and October.
Help is always on hand!Esoteric Vision-3 One of the best ways to decide if Belize is your ideal wedding destination is to take advice from those who have perfected the art of Caribbean nuptials:Lara Goldman
“Belize is not only the perfect place to get married; it’s also the perfect place to mini-moon while here! Because we are English speaking, every bridal couple, as well as all their guests can feel completely at ease in our laid back Central American country…without the worry of things getting “lost in translation”. We offer every visitor to Belize an incredibly diverse wedding venue selection from the Maya Mountains to tranquil beaches, from remote waterfalls to jaguar cages! All those and more are options that will satisfy the most ‘chill’ or the most adventurous bridal couple. After all the festivities, couples can then enjoy a totally divergent honeymoon right here within the borders of our topographically diverse, micro-climated jewel we call home and that you call paradise,” says Lara Goldman, wedding planner for Romantic Travel Belize.

Possible Locations: Want to get married by the Caribbean Sea? Belize has your pick of isolated beaches, sandbars, islands or even on board a boat! Maybe you prefer terra firma? We got that covered too, with an array of jungles, waterfalls, archeological sites, caves and orchards.Olivera Rusu-1
Intimate or BIG Group: What kind of party you’re having can determine what can and cannot be done. Of course, a limitless budget gets you TONS more…but you’d be surprised what can be done with even with a modest budget.Esoteric Vision-2
Planning the big day: Do you need your wedding to be 100% planned for you? Will you need your planner to deal with every detail: from officiant to photographer, flowers, food, drinks, location, transport, hair, makeup…etc…? Olivera Rusu-2Do the bride and groom want to just show up with clothes and shoes on? Or do you just need a few odds and ends here and there? Do you want to be part of the plans? Your wedding guide can help you as much or as little as you need them.Olivera Rusu-4
Hair and Makeup: Your wedding is your chance to be a star for the day, so choosing the right wedding hair and makeup combination is a key part of any bride’s big day. Felix and StefHere are a couple suggestions on where to get your hair and makeup done: Makeup – Elida Brown from Styland Beauty Salon, Stephanie Manuel from Makeup by Steff and Alejandra Gomez from Beauty Clinic; Elida BrownHair – Felix Ayuso from JoSe’s Salon, Carole Goudreau from CG Esthetics and Elida Brown from Styland Beauty Salon. Many of these places offer complete packages which can include pampering as well.Carole Goudreau
Bouquet and Flower arrangements: As a tropical destination, Belize has a wide array of flora for that unique bouquet and flower arrangement. To help you with getting those precious flowers and petals, Barbara Brown from Candle Garden and Dulce Wolfe from Sweet Decorations are on hand to assist.Olivera Rusu-3
Photographers: We all dream of having the perfect wedding photographs, but how do you perfect your pose? Do not fear; Belize has a host of professional photographers that can capture your big day!

Top photographers include Olivera Rusu, Maya Papovic of Conch Creative, Leonardo Melendez and Ben Kim from Esoteric Vision. And remember, good photography is more than a fancy camera, so stick to a professional if you want memorable snaps!Conch Creative-3
Wedding Favors: We have you covered for that too! Unique wedding favors will certainly impress your guests and some of our go to spots to achieve this include Belizean Breezes, 12 Belize, Candle Garden, heck, even throw in some My Beautiful Belize’s for reading material!Leonardo Melendez-4
Belize is a wonderful place to make your dream wedding come true. Pick your location, bring that handsome groom or gorgeous bride, take a deep breath and say “I Do!”

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