While we live in paradise, there are still every day stresses that we deal with.

“What beachside restaurant should I have breakfast at…?”
“Which cocktail sounds like a good idea today…?”
…okay, maybe more like, “oh dear it’s deadline already? Eek…!!”

Oasis Day Spa-2

So, to say we feel a little bit of stress on our slice of heaven is not too far-fetched of a statement. Luckily, there’s just the spot to get away for a bit, and emerge renewed and refreshed. It’s an oasis of calm perched right over the water. With filmy curtains blowing in a cool breeze, massage table covered in crisp white linens, lotions, oils and creams at the ready, therapists at the ready to bring the best in relaxation…Oasis Spa provides some comfort and divine relief.

To properly relax before the hectic deadlines hit, I indulged in a massage and cleansing facial. I made the quick trek on the dock in front of Fido’s, ready to be pampered and coddled!

Jessica, my appointed massage therapist, showed me to the room where I’d be hopefully zoning out. Once down to my swimsuit, I was ready for some blissful moments. With refreshingly scented oils, a gentle touch on especially tender parts, and deeper massage on my tired muscles, I was soon knocked out, only awaking when my aching weight-lifter’s biceps felt the strength of Jessica’s fingers. She stayed in the gentle zone, working on relaxing me instead of pummeling my muscles into submission. That was very much appreciated! 🙂

Oasis Day Spa-3

An hour of kneading stressed out, sore and aching muscles, and I was like a new woman. I could have easily napped for a few more minutes, but my face was going to get a proper scrubbing! Samira was in charge of revealing a more youthful glow on my face – poor thing, she had her work cut out for her! Teehee…

Oasis Day Spa-4After wiping my face down gently, Sam began the slow, luxurious process of exfoliating, rinsing, and applying a masque. While the masque hardened, doing its job at removing impurities and cleansing my pores, she paid some special attention to my hands and arms. Now Sam, though she be little, she is mighty! She found the knots on my triceps and biceps, forearms and even my palms! With my help, (because I am kind of a wuss), we got DEEP into those muscles, unraveling knots I was completely unaware of.

Oasis Day Spa-6Another fabulous unveiling was my baby-smooth face, once the masque was removed with a warm, wet washcloth. A bit of honey (all the better to sweeten my face with) followed by a quick rinse, and I was ready to face the world – newly invigorated, with happy muscles and a brighter face.

Oasis Day Spa-8Outside, Dion my coworker got the treat of his life: a pedicure. Real men get pedis! His only words after a proper soak, file and sugar scrub were “I need to do this more often!” Yes, we need to do a lot more for ourselves more often! Massages, facials, manicures, pedicures…something that feels indulgent but in fact lasts a lot longer than the hour it takes – those are the treats our bodies need. Oasis Spa is ready to provide that service to you.

Call 226-4252 to set up an appointment, or visit them on the pier at Fido’s Courtyard. Take a break and relax over the water!

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About the Author: Mary Gonzalez

Mary Gonzalez writes under the pseudonym 'Tia Chocolate'. Tia Chocolate enjoys writing short stories that focus on her life growing up in the small Maya village of San Antonio, Cayo District, Belize.
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