This is by far one of the coolest things I get to do in my time at The San Pedro Sun and My Beautiful Belize: International Travel!

In February of 2015, Southwest Airlines announced their brand new international destination out of Houston, Texas, USA, and it was to our beloved Belize!

Discovery Green Print Invitation 2015

I met with Brad Hawkins, then Michelle Agnew, as they finalized the details of their upcoming grand arrival. In the process, guess who got an INVITATION?! And I had a choice too: I could go to Houston via other routes, then fly in ON the first flight out of Houston to Belize…OR…I could fly back on the return to Houston, and stay as long as I wanted!

Brad (middle) with Julie Kee and Anthony Hunt of Tropic Air.

Brad (middle) with Julie Kee and Anthony Hunt of Tropic Air.

Thanks to the awesome people at Tropic Air, I even got a flight to International Airport from San Pedro Town. (Y’all love me, you really love me…)

Mary Goes to Houston Southwest Airlines-1

Lucky me!

Seeing as I have never been to the United States, I chose to get a different story, an angle that shows what Southwest is doing in Houston to present Belize as a new destination, and tomorrow, I take off at 4PM, heading to the Lone Star State, landing at Hobby International!

My bags are stuffed with Travellers Liquors fun-size bottles of Belizean Rum. Because, how can I show up and not bring presents?!

My itinerary is looking fabulously fun.


I get to stay at the awesome-looking Hilton Americas on Thursday night, followed by a day full of fun activities at Discovery Green , complete with prizes and giveaways (Southwest Style!), photo booths, lunch specials, and much more!

Discovery Green Print Invitation 2015

Thanks to wonderful Texan hospitality, I am being hosted by a friend who has planned a wonderful weekend of shenanigans too: so I am exploring Houston with a Texan. (Watch out!)

I can’t wait to enjoy myself thoroughly! Look out for photos and updates on our websites and social media accounts for The San Pedro Sun and My Beautiful Belize!

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