It’s gone through so many reincarnations at its same location: for decades, it was the Tacklebox, a haven for revelers who enjoyed strong drinks, cold beers and perhaps a dip into the waters below. It became Shark’s Bar for a while, then reversed to The Tacklebox.the-island-tackle-tacklebox-bar-grill-3
Now, it’s The Island Tackle, and it’s back to serving good pub grub, refreshing drinks and best of all, fantastic views that never went away!the-island-tackle-tacklebox-bar-grill-4
Of course I had to stop in for a quick bite and look-see, so I dragged the husband out on the promise of a good burger. Lucky for me, Island Tackle delivered!the-island-tackle-tacklebox-bar-grill-12 Deliciously seasoned beef was cooked to our specifications, then served on a sesame bun with crispy fries…just a perfect bite for a Saturday night out on the water. the-island-tackle-tacklebox-bar-grill-11I had the cheesy, delicious quesadilla, and of course, we washed those goods down with some cold beers.the-island-tackle-tacklebox-bar-grill-9
After dinner, we even had a couple of cocktails to wind down a bit, chilling at the bar enjoying good conversation. We realized how much we were enjoying our outing, and chalked it up to the chill, relaxed ambience. the-island-tackle-tacklebox-bar-grill-6There was no loud, blaring music, and since it was a Saturday night, blessedly there was no karaoke (not my thing). This is definitely a fantastic place to chill and enjoy good food, cold drinks and gorgeous views!

There’s plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors, so hopefully you’ll join us soon!

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About the Author: Mary Gonzalez

Mary Gonzalez writes under the pseudonym 'Tia Chocolate'. Tia Chocolate enjoys writing short stories that focus on her life growing up in the small Maya village of San Antonio, Cayo District, Belize.
Tia loves (and we mean LOVE) eating and writing about her food experiences, often times trying out new recipes to try and recreate the foods of her memories. She also loves to travel, indulging in the culture wherever she is privy to visit.
She is slave to a giant cat named Kitty Boo Boo, and her cooking exploits are enjoyed by her significant other, Pookie.

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