Looking for a great way to add some excitement to your Tuesday night? Well, we highly recommend a good evening at the race track- the Hermit Crab Race track that is! The atmosphere is fun, energies are high and so are the stakes down at Crazy Canucks! Get in on the action and bet on your favorite crab for only $10Bz, and cheer on the little fella as he vies for a chance to win bar tabs and fun prizes from different sponsors such as Sand Bar, Lone Star, Caye Coffee, Palapa Bar, Belikin, Go Phones and much more!

Crazy Canuck's Hermit Crab Race-1 Crazy Canuck's Hermit Crab Race-5


The first crab to make it over obstacle rope wins, while the first crab to crawl on each sponsor marks wins a prize from that sponsor! Talk about fun, and to make it even better, it’s all for charity!

Crazy Canuck's Hermit Crab Race-2

There are several races for the night but crabs sell out pretty quickly, so we recommend you get there early, and buy a crab or two, or three!

Crazy Canuck's Hermit Crab Race-3 Crazy Canuck's Hermit Crab Race-13 Crazy Canuck's Hermit Crab Race-7

And let’s admit it….Rob makes a pretty entertaining crab race commentator! The action starts at 6:30PM, so the next time you’re on the island and looking for a not-so-typical activity to check out-this is where you want to be…it also certainly doesn’t hurt that the beers are ice cold 😉


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