It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, docking along the shores of Caye Caulker still has that calming, soothing effect. She’s got brilliantly colored homes along her beaches juxtaposed next to a few less gaudy ones, the trees still line her shores, and more often than not, a hammock is strung between them for a quick nap.

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You could walk her streets at the most leisurely pace, not once coming across a vehicle. In fact, you have to walk around sleeping dogs more often than stepping aside for a golf cart! Caye Caulker is not pretentious. She is tiny and unique, from her pretty sandy beaches and funky boats tied up to mooring spots – to the darker, yet just-as-enticing, west side where older homes, fishermen’s spots, and mangroves have taken root and made their home.

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Caye Caulker is really a fun date – casual if you’re up to it, and for her formal means slipping on flip flops instead of being barefoot. Her restaurants are homey, but the food within is often out-of-this-world. Her beaches shaded from her many coconut trees, the drinks icy cold and unique.


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She embraces people of all cultures, offering something fun to do for all each and every day.

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We have had plenty of fun escapades on Caye Caulker: snacking on some fresh fruit from the little stand down a ways…walking in the hot sun until we stumbled into a restaurant with cooling shade, rough-hewn tables and chairs that have been polished over the years, eager to consume some delicious local food.

Caye Caulker Lobster Fest-12We’ve been rained out, and discovered the kindness of people along the way, and the best place to get a nice hot coffee to ward off the chill. Families can picnic; youngsters can frolic in her waters and at her iconic Split. And those who have seen it all can say that, despite a few changes here and there, Caye Caulker is still that girl you talk about years later.

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