For so many people, Sundays equate to family, fun and relaxation. To me, Sundays are sacred (#blessed). It is a day to slow down, and preferably a day when someone else does the cooking. Naturally, the choices usually range in the barbeque region, or some variation of Belizean lunch. But when one takes Sunday as seriously as I do, waking up close to mid-day often means we’re still in the mood for breakfast, and a hearty one at that. Thankfully, Caprice Bar and Grill has begun offering Sunday brunch specials.

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As if their fabulous Happy Hour(s) from 3-6PM on weekdays wasn’t enough, they draw us in on the weekend too: that banner featuring a luscious image of Eggs Benedict has teased and tempted us for weeks from our office across the street.

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Enough was enough, it was time for Tamara and me to venture to their scenic deck and drink in the gorgeous views – and their crisp mimosas.
From their fabulous menus to the delectable items up for choosing, we were in foodie heaven.

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How could one choose between classics like Bananas Foster French Toast, chocolate chip pancakes, omelets, biscuits and gravy…or…ooooh…Eggs Benedict, and Chicken and Waffles? Oh my! Our decision was made – Bennies and chicken and waffles, plus Apple Spice Crepes for dessert.

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Patricia brought over hot coffee, which we sipped while enjoying the beautiful beach scene before us. Once we’d met the caffeine levels required for proper function, we proceeded to order a mimosa each, as we waited for breakfast to arrive. Crisp and refreshing, the mimosas went down a treat, and just in time, our meals arrived to make us even happier.Caprice Bar Grill Holiday Hotel Sunday Brunch-6
Creamy and indulgent, the Eggs Benedict were as fabulous as we’d hoped. Chicken and waffles were a delight – crispy fried chicken and warm buttery waffles drizzled in syrup just seemed made for each other. With a dollop of whipped cream, each bite of crepe and spiced apple slice provided the perfect sweet finale to a wonderful morning. Caprice Bar Grill Holiday Hotel Sunday Brunch-7I could certainly get used to this kind of fabulous Sunday treat!
Sunday Brunch at Caprice runs from 10AM – 2PM, on Barrier Reef Drive at the Holiday Hotel. You can call 226-2014 to make your reservation. We highly recommend brunching on the deck for both delicious food and views!

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