Located just south of town at Matarocks resort, Squirrel’s Nest is the little beachside bar that’s so very easy fall in love with. This little thatched bar is the perfect getaway if you’re looking to escape and enjoy a few beachside drinks in a secluded atmosphere, yet relatively still close to town.

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Dennis and I headed over for a couple drinks on a Friday afternoon and we couldn’t get enough of the charming little nest. We were greeted by resort manager Sherilyn, who also fills in as bartender, and what a great one she is!  Sherilyn was laid back and very easy to strike up a conversation with; she explained to us that Squirrel’s Nest isn’t a “fancy bar.”

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It’s true essence is laid back, intimate and quiet – the perfect place to catch up with friends, relax, and enjoy the view.

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She blended us up Squirrel’s Nest signature drink, the “Pink Squirrel” and a frozen Blue margarita.

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The Pink Squirrel was mine; Sherylin wouldn’t let me in on the ingredients but man was it good, definitely picked up hints of tropical fruit flavor; While I sipped Dennis thoroughly enjoyed his drink, according to him it was “the best margarita he’s had in quite some time,” and coming from my picky friend- I just had to taste to believe it (he was it).

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As Sherilyn got ready to wrap up her shift, in walked Creselda- bartender #2 .

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Both Creselda and Sherilyn have both been at Matarocks for over 12 years and it was pretty clear the return guests and customers loved them- true friendships formed over good drinks and conversation throughout the years!

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Creselda prepared a pina colada for me and Dennis stayed on the margarita train with a delicious frozen strawberry margarita! Both were made just perfectly and were certainly most refreshing on a warm day!

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The next time you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of town check out the nest- you’ll see why we think it’s so special!

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