Lizard Tales

Lizard Tales: Cadejo

“…sometimes you can hear it, like someone is hauling a long, long chain along the streets.” In Belizean villages such as San Jose Succotz, the Cadejo is described as a hairy, goat-like animal or a large, shaggy dog, hence its name, which translates from the Spanish as “tangled hair”. The Cadejo is said to have… Read more »

Lizard Tales: La Llorona

“woe on him whom she seduced with her beauty and who having compassion on her weeping near to console her.” The story is told of a wealthy landowner who went on a business trip which kept him away from his wife for long periods. His wife often became restless and, during one of his absence,… Read more »


“If pin neva ben’, ‘Nansi story neva en’.” By far the most popular Belizean folklore character, ANANSI* is the one about whom many have written and told, and many more have read and heard. Most of ANANSI’s attributes are so exaggerated that they appear funny rather than disgusting. He is a lazy, lying thief. He… Read more »

Hashishi Pampi

“Them wiggle inna ashes pam de fire hearth and lef out them head. They eat roast thing.” The fire hearth has always played a central role in rural life, and for a couple from Double Head Cabbage, part of an established evening routine was to check that all sparks on the hearth had been put… Read more »

Good Friday swim = turning into mermaids (?!)

Good Friday has been observed as a Holy Day of Sacrament for as far back as most Belizeans can remember. With strong roots in the Catholic faith, Good Friday is considered the day that Jesus Christ died, and that means that many consider it a day of reverence. Thus, Good Friday brings its own beliefs… Read more »

Lizard Tales – The Sisimite/Sisimito

Folklore is any of the beliefs, customs, and traditions that people pass on from generation to generation. Much folklore consists of fairy tales, folk tales, legends, myths, nursery rhymes, proverbs, riddles and superstitions. Folklore is as old as humanity. Written records left by the earliest peoples include examples of folklore. As soon as a people… Read more »