There’s a tasty array of concoctions readily available if you’re ever thirsty for something local that packs a punch. While Belikin beers are a great choice, there’s a whole other realm of drinks out there including our local wines. Yep. Wines.

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Not your fancy vineyard, minerally tasting, unoaked/oaked wines…these are loaded with blasts of flavour.  You can choose from an endless selection of local “wines” such as cashew and local black berries, or even dare to try not so usual flavors such as potato (this one might actually be vodka) , rice, craboo, pineapple , sour sop, mango, poconoboy and the  list goes on.

Making homemade wines are a traditional practice in many rural Belizean communities. These wines are made from the producer’s fermented fruit of choice. After the fermentation process is completed you have the sweet and potent spirit that can have you feeling “really good” after a just a few sips- if you know what I mean (wink wink).

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While these local wines are also produced by large scale national manufacturers such as Travellers and the Bel-Mer Winery, there’s nothing quite like tasting a true, down-homebrew! Many families stock up on their favorite fruits while in season, and begin the fermentation process so that long after the season has passed, they can still have it, only in the form of yummy -sweet wine.

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Some of the more popular flavors are the cashew and blackberry!  My favorite? While I enjoy tasting what’s available- my wine of choice is definitely the berries.  There’s nothing quite like hanging out with friends on sunny day at the river, enjoying blackberry wine over ice…but then again that might just be the village girl in me. ( Or for a “classy” girl like Mary, topped with sprite and sipped on the beach).

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The next time in you’re in Belize I dare you to try some local brew, you’re surely in for a treat!


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