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Peggy the adventurous and inspirational loggerhead turtle

In May 2023, at the remote Lighthouse Reef Atoll, a critical moment unfolded in the ongoing saga of marine conservation. Peggy, a mature female loggerhead turtle, was gently captured in-water by the dedicated team at MarAlliance. This marked a new chapter in both her life and marine research. Fitted with a satellite tag, Peggy spent the following year mostly in the same location in the Atoll and then suddenly in late March 2024 she embarked on an epic journey from Belize towards the U.S., meticulously tracked to shed light on the secretive life of sea turtles. But Peggy is not just any turtle; she was named in honor of MarAlliance’s recently deceased Board Chair, Peggy O’Shaughnessy, a woman whose adventurous spirit and dedication to conservation continue to inspire.

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Wild for sea turtles

Not only are sea turtles gorgeous to see as they graze on the seabed or effortlessly glide through the water, their beauty is more than shell deep.

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