Nestled in the lowland savanna of the Maya Forest Corridor is a wonderful lodge called the Tropical Education Center (TEC). Popularly known as the “Zoo Lodge,” the TEC is the sister site to the world-famous Belize Zoo and was added in 1991 to promote immersive exploration and appreciation of the natural world.

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Conveniently located 30 minutes from the Philip Goldson International Airport, and roughly halfway between Belmopan and Belize City, the TEC is often the first or last stop for travelers on their journeys in Belize.

Guests at the TEC are diverse; student groups, researchers, training, or staff retreat participants, solo travelers, campers, and families are among many that enjoy their stay with us.

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Shared dormitories, private cabañas, air-conditioned cabin rooms, and family-sized guests houses enable the TEC to accommodate up to 78 guests at any given time and reflects the diverse backgrounds (and budgets) of our lodgers.

A dining hall, library, air-conditioned conference room, and birding deck make up TEC’s main building, which is the central communal space for the property. When looking to unwind after a day of adventure, the nearby, screened-in swimming pool at the TEC allows guests to relax, socialize, and cool off.

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A little further afield, guests can spend their time exploring the extensive trail system on the 84-acre property, which takes them through mixed habitat types, and allows them to share space with the wonderful wildlife of Belize. Over 300 species of birds have been recorded at the TEC, as well as multiple sightings of agoutis, pacas, snakes, iguanas, jaguarundis, tamandua, and even the national animal of Belize: the tapir!


While most guests tend to arrange their own off-site excursions when using TEC as “home base,” we offer a couple unique and local tours. A half day canoe trip down the Sibun River is a mildly challenging and very rewarding experience for more adventurous guests.

One of the biggest draws to stay at the TEC, as well, is the exciting prospect of doing the “Belize Zoo at Night”. Seeing the Belize Zoo after hours in the company of a knowledgeable zookeeper is a wholly different experience than during the day, particularly as many of the wildlife in the Neotropics tend to be more active after sunset.

To learn more about the Tropical Education Center visit You can also get in touch with us at [email protected], or +501-613-1832.

Article Submitted by: Jamal Andrewin-Bohn
Conservation Program Manager,
The Belize Zoo & Tropical Education Center

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