Sinesio Rash

Age: 23

Genre: Painter

Sinesio Rash Portrait-1

My Beautiful Belize loves attending local art shows. Not only are there plenty of cool original pieces to be purchased, but the talented artists that create the wonderful, work are there by the multitudes from painting to sketches, carvings and other art forms that portray iconic aspects of Belize, talent abounds.
It was there that we ventured upon 23 year old Sinesio Rash. Sinesio’s vividly sketched canvasses quickly caught our eye and as you see for yourself the work he does, I’m sure you’ll understand just why he is our newest Diamond in the Rough.

Sinesio was born in Punta Gorda Town on October 4, 1990, and he is currently residing in Corozal Town in northern Belize. It was at age 2 that Sinesio started picking up early forms of art, as his older brothers introduced him to sketches which he would often try to mimic by doodling versions of his own. Sinesio would even resort to drawing on the back of labels from canned goods when he needed a surface to create his craft. Today the very talented Rash enjoys sketching, painting and tattooing.
Though this artist is quite young, he has been through his fair share of life ordeals. At age 17, Sinesio was sentenced to 4 years in detention, accused of a crime. On July 31, 2012 all charges where dropped and the young artist rejoined society as a free man. During his time in incarceration, Sinesio dedicated most of his time to improving his sketches as he never lost hope of one day getting a second chance at a normal free life.


Seeing his work, we can understand the passion that goes into each piece. This is what Sinesio had to say about his craft:
“I love art because it’s a way to creatively express myself beyond words, I love the surfaces I work on, the way the tools I use work, and the response I get from the viewers that admire my work. Each art piece is like a journey, to me it has a beginning and I have an adventure making them. The most beautiful part is the end and looking back at how far they came.”

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