SPICY!! Caliente! Fuerte! Delicioso!

Yes, these habaneros are hot peppers. I think they’re one of the hotter varieties known to man. And they are just delicious when made into this condiment.

This is like a staple on most Belizean tables, and it’s major fire.

It is delicious because of the tartness of the lime juice, yummy smelling because of the onions and uber-fresh cilantro. Man, it’s got all the things I love. Great scent, onion, and HEAT!

Habaneros Condiment Pepper Sauce-6

It’s super hot right now and perfect for grilling. Imagine drizzling some of this on hunks of grilled beef for fajitas, or that delicious steak or burgers…
When it gets colder, a good hearty stew with a few drops of this spicy goodness guarantees you’ll be warmed up and raring to go in no time!

So…on to making this deliciousness!!

* Habanero peppers (I used six here, because I’m evil)
* juice of two limes
* 1 chopped, diced large onion
* a bunch of fresh cilantro (chopped)
* salt to taste
* some cold water


*Wash and pat the habaneros dry.

*Roast peppers on an open flame; allow them to blacken up a bit. You’ll be smelling them for sure, so keep windows open while you roast these babies!

*Once roasted, turn off the flame, then carefully transfer the peppers to a large, clean bowl, preferably ceramic (that way the heat can wash off properly).

*With a fork, mash the peppers, seeds and all. Keep your face away from the steam that may escape from the hot peppers.

Habaneros Condiment Pepper Sauce-7

*Add a generous sprinkling of salt, followed by the juice of two limes.

*Mix in about 2-3 tablespoons of cold water.

*Add in the diced onion and cilantro.

*Toss gently and mix well, then let rest and pickle up…then enjoy!!

Habaneros Condiment Pepper Sauce-3*Some people have been known to drizzle this tempting hot treat on pizza, chicken, beans and more. Whatever your temptation, be sure to indulge with care. Store the leftovers (sealed properly) in the fridge for up to a week.

Bravery Meter:
The Timid – a few drops of the juice only.
The Brave – a few bits of the onion and juice.
THE MACHO – juice, onions AND peppers!

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