The ‘Agric’ Show is coming soon (May 1st – 3rd) and well, the excitement builds as Belizeans anticipate the overload of produce, livestock, FLOWERS (our favorite thing) and food/drink/music that will be available over the 3-day weekend.

Click here to read about Dennis’ experience a couple years back. We’ll be swinging by to check out the wares this year for sure…and as such, are planning ahead.

National Agriculture and Trade Show 2012 2

As someone from the Cayo District who appreciates the cool sea breeze during these hot months, I also realize that inland will be HOT!!!

So, we highly recommend:
* Cool, loose clothing (cool cotton/natural fibers – now is not the time to debut your special hand crocheted sweater dress or polyester suit…)
* Floppy hats/billed caps to shade your face
* Sunscreen if you don’t want funky tan lines
* Comfortable shoes (it will be dusty so perhaps not your favorite blingy sandals)
* HYDRATE. HYDRATE. HYDRATE. (And we’re not talking with the beers) – Get an adequate amount of water in your system. Chances are, the lines will be long to purchase juices etc., but if you can, grab some cold coconut water too.
* Take small bills so transactions are easier.
* Try to support the small businesses…if you need an excuse to shop, you could always buy us an orchid as a gift! 😉

National Agriculture and Trade Show 2012 40

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