Belize is full of fascinating cultures, flora, fauna and a history that is varied and colorful. Of course we have equally cool National Symbols to go along with it! They include a flower, a tree, a bird, a large mammal, and of course, our flag and its coat of arms. The Encyclia Cochleatum – or Black Orchid, is our national flower.Black Orchid
It is a tiny cluster of bulb-like stems that grow up to half a foot long, with few leaves. The flowers bloom nearly all year round, and the petals and sepals are a mixture of green and yellow, with a purple base. The shape of the flower is similar to a clam shell valve, and is deep purple – almost black – with showy purple veins.
It is native to Central America, the West Indies, Colombia, Venezuela, and southern Florida. The little cluster of blooms is almost un-noticeable as they are tiny, but once you’ve seen them, it’s hard to look away. For as long as I’ve lived in Belize (all my life), I have been told that I cannot purchase a Black Orchid – as it is illegal to sell or trade them. Thus, finding them – whether in the wild or in some lucky owner’s yard – is a joy!
The next time you see a Black Orchid, know that you are in the presence of a little, but mighty flower.

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