When the opportunity arises to sample some good food, trust me, I never pass it up. So when Kenny invited us over to his new place, The Red Chili’s, you can bet your bottom I was dragging Janelle and running over!
While The Red Chili’s IS an Asian style restaurant, it is NOT the typical “Chinese fast food” we’re used to in Belize.

Red Chili's Asian Cuisine Buffet-5

You don’t order and leave in 5 minutes, oh no! Grab a seat and sit down because the food is made to order and cooked to perfection…you may want to sit and enjoy, but you can carry out too!

Red Chili's Asian Cuisine Buffet-6
We went there on a Friday and that only means one thing…BUFFET! Yes, in addition to the normal menu, Kenny does his buffet every Friday and Saturday, from noon to 3PM and from 5- 8PM, but try to make an effort to beat the hungry fleet, because this stuff has a way of disappearing!

Red Chili's Asian Cuisine Buffet-11
You get to choose 3 combinations ranging from $8-$15! After sampling meat after meat, from beef to curry to the classic fried chicken, I decided to have the Soybean Pork, with fried rice, and steamed vegetables.

Red Chili's Asian Cuisine Buffet-9

Of course I couldn’t pass up the egg rolls that Kenny insisted we try….and boy am I glad he did! From the minute I took my first bite I was sold. Now I’m no chef (trust me! I’ve said it before-I burn water) but I could appreciate these rolls! The flavors were well balanced, no ingredient over powering the other and best of all not greasy at all!

Red Chili's Asian Cuisine Buffet-4
Janelle loved the Soybean Pork too, so we broke our long standing tradition of ordering different meals to get an opportunity to pig out on the others’ plate (haha, yeah we really do that!)….The pork was soo good we each had to have our fair share! The only difference is she opted for chow mien over fried rice.

Red Chili's Asian Cuisine Buffet-10

Each side was perfectly seasoned with just the perfect amount of soy sauce, and had lots of fresh julienned vegetables and little chunks of sweet Chinese sausage. What a treat!

Red Chili's Asian Cuisine Buffet-8
After sitting there battling to finish our buffet choices, we decided to bring back a doggy bag to the office, where we’d spend every other minute sneaking in bites of the “good stuff.”

Red Chili's Asian Cuisine Buffet-2


Kenny even sent over egg rolls for the rest of the starving staff. Honestly, that’s just one of the many reasons we love him.

Red Chili's Asian Cuisine Buffet-3
The next time you can’t decide on just one item to eat, check out The Red Chili’s. We guarantee there’ll be some finger licking happening. Can’t say we didn’t warn ya!

Red Chili's Asian Cuisine Buffet-1
Red Chili’s is located on Pescador Drive (Middle Street), directly across from where Milo’s Center was formerly located. 226-3888
*Save bucks for the family and look out for The Red Chili’s 40% discount coupons in every issue of The San Pedro Sun Newspaper!

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