After an utterly exhausting trip out in the deep (and you know we’re talking 3,000+ feet deep) blue ocean, frolicking with dolphins and in general being tourists in our own country, it was time to take our tired selves to our hotel room at Laru Beya.

Located on the beach at the Placencia Peninsula, Laru Beya (‘on the beach’) is a quiet resort offering respite and relaxation – just what we needed. We got our keys from a smiling, friendly Raquel at front desk, and luggage in hand we made our way to the room. As we neared the top of the stairs, we could hear the crash of the waves on the beach, and felt the cool sea breeze. We stepped in and were absolutely delighted at the spacious lodgings we would be staying in. Of course the first thing one does is head out to see the view!

After depositing our luggage willy-nilly, we headed outside where a cozy hammock called my name, and across from it, two cushioned lounge chairs beckoned as well. Below, the gorgeous brown, sugar-like sand waited for our footprints. Coconut trees lined the beach and its leaves rustled and swayed in the evening winds. Ahh yes, it would be a most relaxing evening at Laru Beya.

Back inside, we divvied up our 2-bedroom quarters, taking luxuriously warm showers and dressing up for an evening of dining and wine. Had we chosen to stay in, we had a full kitchen to whip up a homemade meal, and the living room’s ample sofas and chairs would have cocooned us late into the night. Instead, we headed out for an evening of wine and dinner with our friends Anna and Gunter.

The Quarter Deck restaurant was beautifully lit, emitting a soft glow in the darkening evening. Dinner would indeed be cozy that evening, and as we placed our order for the first of several bottles of wine, conversation ebbed and flowed all around us, at our table and at the bar above. According to Rene Nuñez, manager of Laru Beya, locals and visitors alike enjoy their meals at Quarter Deck. It could be the quiet, easy ambience – there is no rush, there aren’t activities or distractions, just comfortable chairs and a table set aglow by lamplight, food served quickly to be eaten at a leisurely pace, and the feeling that one could quite possibly linger as long as one wanted. (We tested that theory, and yes, indeed, had the howling winds of a freak storm not arrived, we’d probably still be there!)

Laru Beya-19After delightful hours spent sharing a meal with great friends, we headed in to luxuriate in our expansive room. How wonderful to be able to have our own bed, with the wind howling around us, lightning striking and thunder booming, yet feeling absolutely ensconced and safe! One of us (ahem, Jorge) braved the elements to enjoy some breeze – and the cashews that had fallen along the pathway, and le boss enjoyed a few moments on the sofa just zoning out. I headed to my bed, stealing an extra pillow from my roommate to get extra cozy. Before I knew it, sleep had stolen in. When I next opened my eyes, it was morning, and time for coffee – which was available in the coffee station in the kitchen. With the first sip of that warm nectar, I wandered through the suite taking in the sights.

Our spacious suite could actually be closed off and made into two separate rooms, but as a two bedroom, it can accommodate at least two more people comfortably. The furniture is cozy, the décor tranquil and tropical, and natural Belizean hardwoods have been used amply. Outside, with coffee mug in hand, I breathed in the refreshing sea breeze. The sea had calmed down after the sudden storm, and groundskeepers were been busy clearing the fallen branches and leaves from the beach. All was well in our little paradise – and from the hammock, even the sight of the morning sunshine was welcome. We may have had mere hours left before heading back home to Ambergris Caye, but those hours would be well spent enjoying the view from Laru Beya.

Rene met us for a hearty breakfast and a quick tour of the various suites in the other buildings, showing us large suites fit for families, and cozy rooms for an intimate getaway. Our view from the rooftop Jacuzzi spot was spectacular. What a beautiful setting and such comfortable amenities! Those looking for a place to stay where the order of the day is relaxation, Laru Beya is a must try. You can call them at 523-3476, visit their website at or emailing them at [email protected].

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