There’s so much treats to enjoy, we have to feed this story to you in bits and pieces. (Yes, I crack myself up…)
Watch out for Part II coming up…

With our cart from J & H Rentals secured for the afternoon and tummies full of anticipation (and not much else) we began our great adventure to candy land! Cupcakes, doughnuts, ice cream, frozen custard, homemade sweets (AKA nostalgia), fancy desserts, thick frozen shakes…need we go on? We were well on our way to being passed out in an orgy of sugary, treacly goodness, slumbering into a blissfully sweet coma.

Janelle and I had the perfect plan, a route that would take us all along the beach and downtown middle street. I intended to enjoy every bite of sugary goodness, but then as the list grew, I was apprehensive. Time to call in reinforcements, and who better than our expecting buddy Monique. With mommy-to-be on board with us, it was decided: to Ice and Beans!!

Visions of doughnuts and dollops of shaved ice danced in our heads, aaaaaaaand promptly came crashing down…as we arrived too late for doughnuts. Waahhhh!!

Sweet Treats Island Sugar Rush-3

But there was still some shaved ice left, so we shared a big cup of the tri-color goodness…


Then it was on down to a place that would not let us down:

D Ice Cream Bar on the beach


OH EM GEE…Marquesitas and ice cream, among other goodies! Marquesitas are like a super crispy crepe: thin batter spread on a waffle-like apparatus, cooked to crispy perfection, then quickly rolled up and stuffed with grated Dutch (Edam) cheese. Then there are the optional additions: Nutella, caramel, cream cheese…mmm! I always choose caramel with my Dutch cheese – it is weird but the PERFECT blend of sweet and sharply salty.

Sweet Treats Island Sugar Rush-9Monique was hankering for ice cream, so she went with Bailey’s ice cream. I’m shocked she even shared, but the taste we had sure made us glad she did.

Sweet Treats Island Sugar Rush-6The sugar was starting to kick in, so time to find some more!

Down from the beach to Middle Street we drove, where some of our favorite ladies prepared homemade goodies at Antojitos Lety. There nestled amongst cups of stewed papaya and craboo, were little bags of tamarind balls.

Sweet Treats Island Sugar Rush-12 Sweet Treats Island Sugar Rush-11

The pulp of the tamarind had been mixed with lots of sugar, and then rolled into little balls, sold at $2 a bag of 3. I opted to finish my cheese and caramel orgy, letting the girls enjoy the little homemade nuggets. Through my Marquesita and caramel sugar haze, I watched them crunch on the treats

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