Many people consider Caye Caulker to be the ‘younger sibling’ of its larger island neighbor Ambergris Caye; sort of an ‘Ambergris Caye Jr.’ if you will. However, the truth is, Caye Caulker has a vibe and feel that is totally its own, very different from its larger counterpart and noticeably more laid back and relaxed. Even the popular island motto tells you the ideal sentiment when living and vacationing on Caye Caulker… “Go Slow”.


Life on Caye Caulker is extremely tranquil and undisturbed, providing a true sense of the ‘island life’ that many, more developed islands, have long since left behind. When you’re on the island you feel as if you’ve been taken back to the time when the beach, the palms, and the ocean were all that anyone ever needed to have a good life. In fact, Caye Caulker feels to be much like what Ambergris Caye used to be 25 years ago; a quaint, charming island community that thrives off the reef and the ocean in a quiet haven just 5 miles long and less than a mile across.

The-Tropics-Hotel-in-Caye-Caulker-Belize-5Despite its size though, the tiny island does have its fair share of hotels to choose from, providing options for any type of traveler, from the discerning vacationer to the budget seeking nomad and everyone in-between. A great option for those looking to save a few bucks when taking in the island vibe is the budget friendly and very economical Tropics Hotel. The hotel is ideally located in the center of ‘downtown’ Caye Caulker, right on the beach, just steps away from the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. It’s a place where backpackers, thrill seekers, and budget explorers can enjoy the true feel of what Caye Caulker is like at a price that anyone can afford. With rooms starting at just US$30 a night for double occupancy, The Tropics Hotel is a steal for travelers who want to enjoy the island without all the bells and whistles that more extravagant and costly accommodations pride themselves in. The Tropics is a no frills, beachfront, budget friendly space in the heart of the island set in its own wide open property, offering a social atmosphere much like a park or courtyard where guests can mingle and congregate or simply chill out and have a few drinks on one of the many tables and chairs available or fall asleep on the hammocks that swing on the verandahs. All of the rooms are equipped with two double beds, two fans and private baths with hot and cold water.

The rooms are unexpectedly spacious despite the low price and are surprisingly well kept even with the budget friendly nature of the accommodation. A pleasant addition is the constant cool breeze flowing in through the corridors and windows of the forward facing units from the beach in front. Simply open a window and you’re surely not going to miss the air conditioners that other more costly locations boast; the cool breezes of the Caribbean are more than enough to keep you fresh and carefree. When sitting out on the large sprawling verandahs you can watch the local islanders and tourists walk by and enjoy the ocean views.

The-Tropics-Hotel-in-Caye-Caulker-Belize-9For those looking for a bit of excitement the on-site tour operator, Star Tours is right there to help you plan your adventures to the reef snorkeling with sharks and sting rays, or to the jungles of mainland Belize where you can ride the zip line atop the rainforest canopy or lazy the day way floating down a river snaking its way through underground caves breathtaking landscapes. When you stay at the Tropics Hotel you’ve got everything you need to have a good time whether for you that means taking a trip to snorkel the reef, taking a day trip to dive the blue hole or to simply fall asleep on the verandah overlooking the beautiful beachfront scenery in front of you. Hotel guests even get discounts on snorkel tours and meals when staying at the Tropics.

Caye Caulker itself is known as a backpackers’ paradise. A laid back, easy going, fun-filled location where you can enjoy wind surfing, day sailing, and of course a friendly watering hole found just around every other corner. The island is a popular destination for pleasure seekers who want to get away and enjoy island life unabated by the noise and hustle of the big city. Rent a jet ski, enjoy the catch of the day at one of the many local restaurants serving up great food, hop on a golf cart and explore the island from north to south or take a dip over by the ‘split’… the island’s most popular spot to socialize and be seen.

The Tropics Hotel and Caye Caulker makes a great vacation for anyone looking to enjoy island life at a price that won’t drain your pockets dry. You can visit them online at or send them an email at [email protected] to make your reservation.

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