Situated on the New River and Northern Highway, Orange Walk Town is located 52 miles north of Belize City. The country’s only tollbooth signals the entrance to Orange Walk Town, and after paying the small toll, one immediately notices two distinctive sites: the scenic New River, with its tour guide operators along it’s banks and the smokestacks of the sugar mill.
orange walk and d victoria hotel 5The town is a mix of Spanish, Maya, East Indians, visiting Mennonites and Chinese. Mexican influences remain strong and Spanish and Creole are the most common languages spoken. Orange Walk Town is the fourth largest town in the nation of Belize.
orange walk and d victoria hotel 4With the Mestizos came their many traditions that today abound in the region. One such thing that they brought was the sugar cane, which in the years to come became the basis of Belize’s leading industry. Today, this industry continues to thrive in the region, and Orange Walk Town is nicknamed “Sugar City”. The local Tower Hill Sugar Factory (Belize Sugar Industries) handles all of the country’s sugar cane output. The farming of other crops, and tourism, also play a role in the economy.
orange walk and d victoria hotel 1It is home to a proud, hard-working and resourceful people. It is a treasure chest of opportunity and tradition. It is a storehouse of a rich and ancient Mayan culture and a sanctuary for the many cultures which came after but found a home. It is a land of dynamic industries which fuel a nation. It is a vibrant hotbed of agriculture, politics and entrepreneurship. Orange Walk is the land of sweet sugar cane, the land of rum, of life and hope and love.

orange walk and d victoria hotel 16Things to do:
Banquita’s House of Culture
Lamani Eco Tour
Rio Bravo Conservation Area
Nahil Mayab Restaurant and Patio
Hi5 Night Club