This series will provide information on the nine cultural festivals and celebrations rooted within communities across Belize. Together, these forms of intangible cultural heritage help us express who we are, and share our background and cultural identities. (Information provided by Institute for Social & Cultural research)
Part Five: Las Posadas
Las Posadas is a religious commemoration of the blessed Mary’s and Joseph’s travails on their journey to Bethlehem. The celebration begins on the 15th or 16th December and concludes on Christmas Eve. On each of the nine nights, a young couple carries the statues representing Mary and Joseph as they visit different houses asking for posadas or “lodging”. A processes ion of rezadoras (prayer ladies), and cantadoras (ladies singing hymns) accompanies them. At each home, one group outside sings asking for shelter, and those inside refuse them. Tradition, the posada is offered at the third home. The host family receives the statues and after reciting the prayers, offer treats such as maja blanca (a rice porridge), conservas, horchata, to all those accompanying the posada. On 24th December, pastorcitos (shepherds) offer gifts to baby Jesus in the manager, thus completing the nativity scene.

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