In just under a week, Belize will finally reopen the Philip Goldson Interational Airport. Starting October 1st, Phase 3 of Belize’s Travel Reopening Plan will commence. During this time onl looky limited travel will be allowed under the set guidelines if the Traveller Classifications and Entry Requirements.

During this phase of reopening, the Belize Tourism Board has implement the Tourism Safety Corridor Process Flow Guidelines which will allow guests to have a safe and enjoyable experience while in Belize. From arrival to departure, each step details the guests’ journey as they embark on their Belize vacation.

Below is everything you need:

Cleared for Entry to Belize 
1.     Transfer to Gold Standard Hotel via approved transportation
a.     Who enters the Safe Corridor?
                          i. All tourists will be provided with a welcome band that will allow them to                              continue into approved transportation.
b.    Approved transportation includes:
                         i.     Ground
1.     Licensed Gold Standard Tour Operators (See decal here)
2.     Vehicles from a Tourism Gold Standard and Safe Corridor hotel
                         ii.     Air
1.     Local airlines departing from Phillip Goldson International Airport
c.     Departing ground transportation:
                     i.     Approved drivers picking up guests must wait at designated area at airport, with Hotel sign displayed.
                             ii.    Guests’ unique ID numbers (7-10 characters; may be alphanumeric)  from the Health app must will be logged prior to departing the                                               airport.
                             iii.   Security will verify that each guest picked up, departs with a safe                                           corridor band.
                d.     Departing air transportation from PGIA:
                              i.     Guests will be picked up by local airline representative to exit                                                 arrival lounge and proceed to departure lounge for check-in.
                              ii.     Local airline will log by flight number, all passengers’ names along                                         with their Unique ID from the Health App.
                              iii.     No stops will be made in Belize City
e.    Departing municipal airports to hotel:
                              i.     Refer to Departing ground transportation in 1b.
                              ii.    Airline staff should only permit approved Gold Standard ground                                            transportation to pick-up the guests wearing a Safe Corridor band.
2.     Arrive at hotel for check-in
a.     Validate that Safe Corridor welcome band is on wrist and log guest arrival
b.    Proceed with check-in process
c.     Log guests’ unique ID from the health App
Begin your Belize Vacation
3.     Activities –   Gold Standard Hotels are encouraged to promote a planned schedule of activities and tours to show the guests that they will get around and have a great Belizean experience while here. The only difference is that in order to protect the guest and the staff, the hotel is organizing and managing their movements. See a sample itinerary/schedule HERE which can be customised to your individual property.
a.     Amenities and Entertainment
                      i.     All accommodations within the Safe Corridor should provide amenities                                  such as pool, kayaks, beach or nature activities to provide the guests                                      with some local Belizean experience while on property
                     ii.      Local activities such as drum lessons, chocolate making, and many                                       more, can be arranged to be offered on property
                    iii.     Program Manager should make arrangements for someone to manage                                        the movement of guests and ensure that they remain on property                                            when not on any organized tours
b.     Dining
                     i.     Guests can enjoy dining-in only at the restaurant of the Gold Standard                                   accommodation at which they are staying
                     ii.     Program Manager can arrange for guests to choose from local                                                 restaurants’ menu and have food delivered to the accommodation.                                         Hotel must follow safety protocols for vendors and suppliers as per                                       the Tourism Gold Standard protocols.
c.     On tour
                     i.     Approved Gold Standard Tour Operator picks up guests and logs unique                                ID number to go on tour.
                    ii.     Accommodation logs guests departing and returning from tour
                    iii.    Tours can only be conducted on an approved marine vessel or vehicle                                   with Gold Standard decals, to pre-arranged Safe Corridor sites.
Departing Belize
4.     Gold Standard hotel must transport guest directly to the Airport or Municipal Airstrip, or make arrangement with a Gold Standard Tour Operator for transportation.
i.  Please revert to section 1 for approved transportation.
                      ii.  Gold Standard Hotels must ensure that guests are handed over to airline
                      iii. Local Airlines must log name and Unique ID of guest for all flights
5.     Breach of any phase
                      i.  Report to TPU contacts listed HERE
                      ii. Anyone with a Safe Corridor welcome band seen or found outside of the                             Safe Corridor without a Gold Standard tour operator, must be reported to                               police immediately
                      iii. Penalty for breach exists for:
          • Accommodations
          • Guests
          • Employees

Thefull reopening of the overnight tourism sector is not expected until January 2021.

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