Halloween Fun-3So it’s almost that time again….Creepy goblins come crawling out of their caves, whimsical fairies dance on the streets, blood lusting vampires, witches and warlocks, super heroes and villains all unite for the great universal cause- Trick or Treating!
Yes, I’m speaking of Halloween.

For many people around the globe, Halloween is a time of costume and spooky themed fun for the young, the young at heart and the furry! While we may not take the traditional route of the eerie and bizarre, on Halloween there’s never a shortage in the fun supply in San Pedro. The Saga Humane Society hosts an annual Halloween costume competition for our four legged friends, The Holiday Hotel hosts an annual infamous Halloween soiree and for many islanders, this is the place to be. However there are plenty of spook-tacular parties happening simultaneously so there’s no shortage in venues for your monster entourage.
While Halloween has been around for centuries, the question is, just how did this Ancient Celtic observance end up in tiny Belize?

Halloween, also known as Hallowe-en or All Hallows Eve originates from “Samhain” (pronounced sah-win), an ancient Celtic festival in the Gaelic culture. Samhain would mark the end of the summer and harvest season and the beginning of the winter and New Year. The pagans would take stock of their supplies and prepare for the winter. Many crops would be destroyed during the dreadfully cold winter season and many villagers would die of associated sickness. Because of this the ancient Celtics believed that on October 31st the realms of the living and deceased would overlap, bringing the dead back to life whereupon the resurrected souls would wreak much havoc. The Celtics would wear costumes comprised of animal heads and skins. The spirits were believed to be either entertained by the villagers or find a body to possess for the upcoming year.

Halloween was introduced to North America in the early 1800s by the Irish and English immigrants that fled for refuge. These immigrants brought a bit more than their families, as they also brought the tradition of Halloween with them. As the years passed Halloween was fully embraced by the American culture and today includes new traditions such as Trick or Treating, bonfires, visiting haunted houses, dressing up in costumes and carving jack-o-lanterns.

Halloween Fun-2

Due to the increased western influences, Halloween has been introduced and adopted by many parts of the world, including our tiny little jewel through television and other media.
We gladly embrace this day as we get a chance to be anything the mind can imagine and enjoy the sweet tricks and treats of All Hallows Eve. It’s possibly the highlight of October on the island – so if you’re visiting, plan accordingly and join in the revelry.

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